Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 7 – A Divine Appointment

16 May

As my Grandma was advancing in age, our family decided to hire an in-home nurse to help care for her. Amar, who was from India, was our first choice and was coming to mom’s home for a visit. She arrived wearing a beautiful Sari that was painstakingly woven by her own grandmother. Her demeanor was just as lovely as her clothing. Petite in stature, she had the most beautiful, jet-black hair that was pulled back tightly into a bun. No older than 25, she was soft spoken, gentle natured and sweet.

Amar visited with us for a long while. She shared many stories of growing up in her rural village in India. Always the caregiver, she explained how she trained to be an RN while volunteering her medical services to the neighboring villages. Her tales moved us to tears and our entire family was taken in by her sincerity. It didn’t take us long to “adopt” Amar as Gram’s personal nurse and as a very special addition to our family.

Amar always exhibited humility, love and kindness through every action performed. Although young and single, she demonstrated utmost respect to her elders. Gram was treated as though she was her own Grandmother. What really made her special, though, was how extremely considerate she was.

During the evenings, Amar would relax with our family in the living room. I always noticed how she would sit on the sofa, but would never place her feet up, tuck them beneath her or even use a hassock. Yet she always seemed relaxed, composed and comfortable. One day I felt compelled to ask her why she didn’t just kick back and sprawl out on the furniture like the rest of us did! Her answer was quite profound. She felt that putting her feet up on any furniture exhibited disrespect to the host of the home.

Her thoughtfulness was exhibited in countless ways big and small. One day I noticed her sitting patiently next to Gram. She was offering her hard candies to keep her mouth moistened. As the candies became small pieces she would help Gram to remove them so they would not become a choking hazard. She was so quiet in her movements that it was easy to miss these actions that she so lovingly demonstrated.

During meal times, She would regularly prepare rice. I remember asking her why she would fish out every particle of rice from the pot. She revealed to me how impoverished her family had been when she was young and how it taught her to never waste anything.

After settling in, Amar revealed to us her strong faith in God. She told us that she had Jesus in her heart from childhood. She described her life as Born Again. Not knowing what this was, I was fascinated with her explanation. As a child, she converted her religion from Hindi to Christianity. People who are Christian believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God, is their Lord and Savior. He died for them and rose again. Having moved this knowledge from knowing in their head into believing in their heart they were considered to be Born Again. All of your sins have been washed away and you are given a new life to live now and forever.

She referred to Jesus as her personal friend. She felt that He was always with her and relied on Him for for consolation and comfort. This relationship exuded in her character. It became evident she profoundly believed that Jesus walked with her as her actions were always louder than her words.

I know that Amar was put into my life to move me closer to my search for truth. She became my first “personal” witness to me as a believer in Jesus. Looking back, I now see that it was God’s Hand placing this witness of love in my path.

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