Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 1 – “Expect A Miracle!”

11 Jan

Life became more hectic as our family went into the 6th season of our pool company. Although a successful business, we were being taxed in every way possible. Some recent property and sales decisions had left us cash poor. We were plagued by over a hundred creditors and business associates. Without a miracle, we would lose our business.

The phone rang non-stop, making my heart jump each time. My sister, Gini, printed “Expect A Miracle!” across the buttons of my office telephone. Every time the phone rang, I read that message, “Expect A Miracle!”

As the company car was also doubling as our ONLY car, I’d stay out late on service calls with my husband. Then I’d go home and do bookkeeping till 3 am. Then a few hours later back to the store I’d go.  I kept this schedule for months. It was taxing to say the least.

To keep our creditors at bay, I scheduled mini-payments insuring every debt would be paid within two years. Payments as low as 5% of the total impressed our accountant, but not the creditors. Yet, they couldn’t deny our sincere, honest effort to pay them and remain in business. Other unexpected purchases caused us to go deeper into debt.

I exhausted every ounce of strength I had to make it every day.  My life felt like a roller coaster, sometimes up and sometimes down. The effect was hard on me emotionally, but I continued on.  Every spare moment that I had was filled with worry. Figuring ways to get out of this mess had become my pastime.  The stress caused me to seek answers on how to cope with life.

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