The Miracle on the Patio: Part 3 of 6

19 Feb

Slowly we both got up off the ground, praising God.  Off we went, carefully – step by step, each of us watching all the parts of her body working. We entered the house, as though we were moving in slow … Continue Reading

The Miracle on the Patio: Part 2 of 6

12 Feb

Honey was still on the ground, not moving. I was still on top of her shouting out scripture. This went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. I realized that I  hadn’t picked up my head to see what was … Continue Reading

The Miracle on the Patio: Part 1 of 6

5 Feb

hillIt was a beautifully clear September day.  My father, husband, sister and brother-in-law had decided to go fishing on the Long Island sound, so I took the kids and went and visited my mom. She and I decided since it … Continue Reading

The Garden Miracle: Part 2 of 2

22 Jan

The next day came and went without the garden being watered.  I was saddened that all the beautiful vegetables would rot and die.  As I reminisced, I recalled Jim often picked vegetables and told me to give them to this … Continue Reading

The Garden Miracle: Part 1 of 2

8 Jan

My husband Jim always loved to hunt, fish, garden anything that had to do with the outdoors. He was born and raised in New York City but always had a love for the country. After we had been married for … Continue Reading

A Christmas Story: Is Santa Real?

20 Dec

Father Christmas, Chris Kringle, Old Saint Nick, Santa Claus…whatever name you may know him by, this jolly old man has been loved by many throughout the centuries. Born in the 3rd century in what is known today as Turkey, Nicholas Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 6 of 6: Praising Him

20 Nov

 As new Christians in the Lord, we praise the Lord not completely understanding what this means. By praising God in the middle of our struggles and hard times we take the control away from Satan and give it back to … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 5 of 6: A Revelation

13 Nov

Later while we all prayed and thanked God for what He had done for us with our dad on this trip to Rhode Island, mom pictured in her mind a Yale padlock that was opened up.

We remembered a scripture … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 4 of 6: Who’s Hungry?

6 Nov

Picnic TablesTime quickly passed and we soon reached the beginning of scenic Route 1A in southern Rhode Island. Route 1A is a 61 mile stretch of road that almost runs the entirety of the beautiful, Rhode Island coastline.

It was getting … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 3 of 6: The Restroom Rejection

23 Oct

About an hour later the kids were asking if we could stop to use the bathroom. Expecting that to be a normal request, I said, “Dad, we need to use the restroom. Would you mind stopping whenever you can.”Rest Area Sign

To … Continue Reading