Amazing Gracie – Part 2 of 11

16 Jan

Later that week, Sarianne called and asked if we would like to come to her house in Connecticut for lunch and to meet Grace. Since Grace & Sarianne both lived in Danbury, this was the perfect place to convene.

When the day arrived, Mom, Gini and I drove out to Connecticut together. As we neared Sarianne’s home the anticipation of meeting Grace was getting harder to contain. We had so many questions, but didn’t want to overwhelm her on our first visit. We decided that it would be best to listen more and ask less. At least that was the plan.

As we pulled into the driveway, Sarianne saw us from her kitchen window and walked out to greet us. Grace had already arrived and accompanied Sarianne.

Grace’s persona was striking as she approached the car. Charisma surrounded her. Her shoulder length black hair matched her warm, dark eyes. She was average height, but her slender build made her seem much taller. She wore a gorgeous white, mid length peca’ dress and a white flower in her hair.

We later discovered that this was her signature flower. Elegant, graceful and full of life was our first impression of Grace as she greeted us with love, kindness and an unspoken knowing, sensing our “hunger” to learn more.

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